The Comet's Tale

Cover design and book design for a self published novela. Paul Seftel, an artist and traveler, opened up a collaboration where the design and words developed together. Ideally this results in an authentic and rich experience for the reader/copilot.

Graphic DesignIllustrationEditorial Design
Cover Artwork for paperback book
Cover design and book design for a self-published work by Paul Seftel. This process was a collaborative one. Experimentation and play allowed researched imagery (Durer and Kepler illustrations) to be combined with the author's photography, artwork, and illustrations. 
Further research and experimentation resulted in a system of symbols—based on military graphics, hobo symbols, and space symbols—being used on the cover and injected into the text. 
Author's name removed from cover speaks to the book representing artistic aspirations rather than commercial ones.
The Comet's Tale featured at Spoonhill and Sugartown books in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 
3D preview for promotional purposes
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