Fugitive Ground

Collaboration includes Jeff Kasper, Sophie Cooke and Amy Sinclair.

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Newsprint front
Newsprint Reverse
Fugitive Ground is an ongoing collaboration with friends and fellow artists. The themes are centered around mindfulness, meditation, perception and art. The process of constructing print pieces, hosting workshops and developing web components provided the same kind of meditation prescribed by the project itself. 
As development continues we can expect more print pieces and an evolving website. For now the website provides functionality for its contributors including general information, a mailing list, event information, and sun and moon data based on location.
An open source javascript library called SunCalc was used to generate all of the data used on the website and for print pieces. Learning how to parse this library and working with an experienced developer was very rewarding.
For more information visit http://www.fugitiveground.org
Tablet View
Phone View
Desktop View
Bushwick Open Studios, day of installation
Bushwick Open Studios Rehearsal
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